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The Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer working board of directors and volunteer committees.

WAEE has a great year planned and we need your help to accomplish our goals! Please consider participating in one or more volunteer committees. You will be added to the committee listserv and the committee chair will be notified. Your participation level will be totally your choice.

Join us in 2021 and let's see that can be accomplished for Environmental Education in Wisconsin!

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Advocacy Committee

(Chair: Megan Giefer)

A new committee within the recent history of WAEE, the Advocacy Committee is involved in providing opportunities and tools to enable members to become more active supporters of environmental education. As a nonprofit organization, WAEE is limited in its ability to lobby to influence specific legislation or to support political candidates. However, as Wisconsin’s professional environmental education organization, WAEE is striving to develop informational resources so that its members can be informed and encouraged to act on behalf of environmental education. Potential projects include: an online advocacy toolkit, action alerts on hot topics, and professional development for members.

Conference and workshops Committee

(Fall Conference Chair: Deanna Erickson; Winter Workshop Chair: TBD)

The Conference and Workshops Committee acts as the liaison between the Board of Directors and the Conference Planning Committee. While the Conference Planning Committee changes for each Association conference/workshop, the Conference and Workshop Committee remains relatively stable.

  • Identify Conference Planning Chairpersons and committee members
  • Provide assistance in conference/workshop budgeting and grant-seeking
  • Present updated conference/workshop information at Board meetings
  • Work with Membership Committee to organize and hold new member events at Association conferences and workshops

Election Committee

(Chair: David Eagan)

The elections process is handled by the Election Committee. They annually prepare and conduct all necessary elections to keep the Board functioning.

  • Issue a call for nominations in August
  • Complete a list of nominees by November
  • Obtain and publish a brief professional biography of each candidate for election
  • Work with the Administrative Assistant to prepare ballots to email to all members so they receive it in November. Voting  is completed by mid –  December
  • Count ballots and announce results via the Association web site and newsletter following the elections

Executive & Finance Committee

(Chair: Becca Franzen)

The Executive and Finance Committees are responsible for monitoring the efficiency and effectiveness of the Association’s Board of Directors in conducting meetings and planning programs. These individuals also monitor the finances and budget process of the Association, as well as identify and pursue additional sources of funding to support Association environmental education efforts.

  • Maintain updated Board Member Handbook and orientation booklet.
  • Recommend & implement efficient methods for Board’s productive use of time.
  • Supervise and annually evaluate Administrative Assistant position.
  • Monitor and evaluate detailed budget process including budget cycle and accounting procedures.
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to conference/workshop committee fundraising members.
  • Diversify and stabilize Association funding base and increase its fundraising capabilities.

Executive director ad hoc committee
(Chair: Heidi Vassel)
The Ex Dir Ad hoc committee work is to plan for, search, and hire an Executive Director for WAEE. The committee is dedicated to be fiscally responsible and have a job description that fits with the mission of WAEE, so that WAEE can grow in Advocacy, Networking, and Recognition.

JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Ad Hoc Committee 

(Chair: Emily Foster Hill)

WAEE’s JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) Ad Hoc Committee strives to foster accessibility and authentic inclusion within all professional communities of Environmental Education throughout Wisconsin. We voluntarily take on the responsibilities of seeking supportive funding, providing JEDI-related continuing education opportunities, and moving forward specific efforts that intentionally uphold JEDI within professional communities of Environmental Education throughout Wisconsin. As stated on WAEE’s Eco-Justice Resources page, “Eco-Justice work, to us, is defined as individuals, agencies, and organizations taking steps towards equity and environmental justice in Wisconsin, and the development and implementation of programs that are inclusive, culturally relevant, working towards equitable internal practices, and representative of the diverse communities in our state.”

  • Ensuring that JEDI is at the forefront of all WAEE programs and initiatives [include a link to WAEE’s Value Statements]
  • Regularly gather JEDI-related data to guide WAEE programs and initiatives [include a link to a Status & Needs Survey?]
  • Regularly seek and promote a variety of local and national continuing education opportunities [include a link to WAEE’s “Eco-Justice Resource” page]

Networking and Membership Committee

(Chair: Angelica Sanchez)

The Networking and Membership Committee monitors trends in new membership and renewals. It identifies ways to develop stability and services to meet Association needs and strengthen a growing diverse membership. This committee is also responsible for maintaining and strengthening connections within our members, our community, and with other professional organizations.

  • Foster relationships within members and with Board members
  • Review and adapt procedures to ensure that members keep renewing
  • Increase delivery of benefits and services
  • Increase diversity and size of membership
  • Develop and implement recruitment strategies
  • Work with Conference Committees to organize and hold new member events at Association conferences and workshops
  • Maintain a list of other groups and organizations to which WAEE could be publicized
  • Facilitate the use of the WAEE display at state and regional events
  • Write articles on WAEE programs for educational publications
  • Serve in an advisory capacity to conference/workshop committee
  • Serve as liaison between the Board and other professional organizations when needed

Recognition Committee

(Chair: Emily Foster Hill)

WAEE recognizes schools, youth groups, individual students, and educators for outstanding environmental efforts each year. WAEE encourages all members to reach for new heights in environmental education by presenting achievement awards annually. The WAEE Awards program recognizes and supports outstanding individuals and groups in their contributions to the field of environmental education. Nominating forms are available each year starting starting in the spring. Completed applications are due in June. Contact WAEE for more details.

  • Update and prepare award program promotional materials for printing
  • Put out a call for nominations, receive nominations, send application materials to nominees, and organize an ad hoc committee to judge awards 
  • Arrange for purchase and engraving of plaques and preparation of other awards
  • Arrange for delegate presentation of awards (fall/winter conferences)
  • Coordinate requests for donations
  • Prepare all introductory and follow-up publicity for all awards