Celebrating 40 Years 1974-2014

The theme of the 2014 Annual Conference is “40 Years of Collaboration”. We are celebrating the rich history of partnerships for Environmental Education throughout the state of Wisconsin.




Pre: WAEE timeline

  • 1962: Representatives from the Department of Public Instruction, elementary and high schools, county superintendents, colleges and universities, Wisconsin Conservation Department, state and federal resource agencies, service clubs and business and industry meet to establish the Wisconsin Council for Conservation Education (WCCE).

WAEE timeline

  • 1974: The Wisconsin Council for Conservation Education rewrites its constitution and changes its name to the Wisconsin Association for Environmental Education (WAEE).

  • 1984: WAEE newsletter becomes EE News which is edited by the WI DNRIMG_4245

  • 1994: NAAEE presents WAEE with its Outstanding Affiliate Organization Award

  • 1995: WEEB sponsors the Wisconsin Environmental Education Summit with over 100 organizations working together to strategically plan for the future of EE in Wisconsin.

  • 2001: WAEE hosts the MEEC “Recharging your Double E” at Wonderland Camp& Conference Center with David Sobel, Judy Braus, and the Kratt Brothers as keynotes.

  • 2004: Final issue of EE News posted to WI DNR website.

    WAEE, WCEE, and WEEB held a statewide EE forum at the UW-Stevens Point campus.1996-photo_56

  • 2007: WAEE hosts MEEC “No Child Left Inside” at the UW-Stevens Point campus with Richard Louv as the keynote. Attendance was over 550 participants.

  • 2010: WAEE awards ceremony is combined with LEAF and KEEP awards.

  • 2013: WAEE in collaboration with 19 other Wisconsin organizations is awarded a $30,000 EE Capacity Grant from NAAEE to increase the environmental capacity around the state of Wisconsin.

First Celebration of Excellence in Environmental Education Event is held separately from the annual conference.